The End of Code: A Revolution in Computer Science, Part III

Technological advancement is changing our world at breakneck speed, necessitating businesses in all industries all over the world to keep pace – or be left behind the competition. Machine learning via deep neural networks have created a seminal moment in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Andy Rubin, founder of Playground Global, a company focused on machine learning investment, notes, “People don’t linearly write the programs.  After a neural network learns how to do speech recognition, a programmer can’t go in and look at it and see how that happened.  It’s just like your brain.  You can’t cut your head off and see what you’re thinking.”  Greyfeather’s neural networks work the same way, but instead of Rubin’s example of learning to recognize speech, they learn to recognize features of stock data that are indicative of future performance.

Wired Magazine’s Jason Tanz notes the importance of this paradigm shift, “If the rise of human-written software led to the cult of the engineer, and to the notion that human experience can ultimately be reduced to a series of comprehensible instructions, machine learning kicks the pendulum in the opposite direction.  The code that runs the universe may defy human analysis.”

With this pendulum swing comes the opportunity for technically advanced entrepreneurs, and those who invest in them, to achieve lucrative returns.  Sebastian Thrun, a former Stanford AI professor and creator of Google’s self-driving car, says, “Neural nets had no symbols or rules, just numbers.  That alienated a lot of people.”  It does not alienate Greyfeather Capital.  We have seized on this opportunity to be among the first to market with this cutting edge technology in order to provide our investors with a new edge.

Steven Hawking echoed the sentiments of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others when he wrote, “One can imagine such technology outsmarting financial markets, out-inventing human researchers, out-manipulating human leaders...”  While the potential applications of this technology are nearly limitless, Greyfeather Capital has completely focused on developing AI to select stocks with the highest probability of out-performance. The future of investment management, as Steven Hawking describes it, is now.