The End of Code: A Revolution in Computer Science, Part II

When analyzing investment management, or any industry for that matter, an important question to ask is – Why is now the right time to invest in a technological paradigm shift?

To answer this, investors should heed recent technological breakthroughs and observe industries outside traditional investment management.  Wired Magazine’s Jason Tanz notes, “Over the past several years, the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley have aggressively pursued an approach to computing called machine learning…. This approach is not new – it’s been around for decades – but it has recently become immensely more powerful, thanks in part to the rise of deep neural networks.”

Deep neural networks, which power Greyfeather’s stock selections, have spawned a renaissance in the field of artificial intelligence.  These networks have proven the missing link allowing computer software to evolve beyond explicit, step-by-step instructions to a state in which it learns in a manner similar to the human brain.

Industry has certainly taken notice!  Google has used this technology to make the self-driving car possible.  Netflix uses this technology to predict with movies and shows you are likely to enjoy.  Computers are now able to consistently defeat human beings in complex games, such as the ancient game of Go. Andy Rubin, a computer programmer and entrepreneur, has started a new company, Playground Global, which invests solely in machine learning startups. Even the National Football League has invested heavily in artificial intelligence – not wanting to be left behind the technological power curve!

In the investment management industry, AI is not being deployed to an extent commensurate with its capability.  Greyfeather Capital has been quick to recognize the technological paradigm shift, has the in-house talent to capitalize on it, and is applying it to the industry. Just as Jeff Bezos, seeing the exponential rise in internet usage, left a lucrative quant hedge fund job to found, we at Greyfeather Capital are seeking forward-thinking investors to pioneer a new, rigorous, and technologically driven era of investment management.