Recent developments in artificial intelligence are revolutionizing what computers are able to do. Tasks once thought impossible for machines are now being mastered by computers. Increasingly, deep neural networks and machine learning have enabled computers to prevail when pitted against human discretion. We have applied this technology to portfolio selection and believe artificial intelligence, through the use of rigorous probabilistic assessments, can outperform both passive indexing strategies and traditionally managed hedged equity long/short strategies.

Our Strategy

Greyfeather Capital, LP employs advanced artificial intelligence techniques in order to construct a long/short portfolio of equities. Using over 75 years of market data, our deep neural network architecture has uncovered and exploited features that we believe are highly predictive of stock performance. Our objective is to enable investors to achieve significant capital appreciation beyond what market indices can offer on a long-term basis, while protecting against downside volatility. 

Tear Sheet

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