We have a multi-year head start on the competition

The majority of quantitative managers are using simple machine learning techniques to improve parameter sets on hard-coded, rules-based systematic models. Greyfeather Capital has spent the past few years working exclusively on building deep neural networks - which enable a leap beyond simple if/then rules. Not only are we ahead on the technology front, but also on the difficult task of adapting the technology to equity investing.

Enhance your brand by remaining at the forefront of technological advancements

The very real possibility exists that firms who fail to stay at the forefront of AI development will lose market share in the future due to sluggish performance vis-a-vis the competition. Do you want your brand to be associated with innovation or stagnation?

Build new capability that your firm doesn't have

Our team is second to none. Hiring high-quality people with AI expertise is increasingly difficult and expensive these days. Knowing what to do with them once you hire them is another problem. Partnering with Greyfeather solves both problems.

Accelerate getting an AI-based product to market

We have done all the R&D work and the product is ready. Our team and technology matched with a large asset manager's reach and distribution are a powerful combination.

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